Our Facilities

A Unique Approach

Our Centre will go beyond standard toy rooms and outdoor play equipment. It will feature wild and natural indoor and outdoor play spaces where kids can run around and get lost – in a good way! This has a calming effect on everyone because children are having “real” fun – it’s not artificial or manufactured. Studies have shown that diverse, natural and challenging spaces help children build confidence, negotiate risk and play in creative and imaginative ways, which helps improve their language and collaboration skills. Physically active children are also less likely to be overweight, are more resistant to stress and learn how to develop positive relationships with other children.

Our Indoor Spaces

Our four spacious indoor activity areas will be tailored to children of different ages, will be functional and inspiring and will be filled with stylish fixtures, natural light, toys, activities and state-of-the-art resources. This will encourage exploration and curiosity and support all aspects of your child’s development. To keep energy levels up, Beenleigh Early Learning will offer delicious, healthy gourmet meals prepared on-site that will suit different tastes, dietary requirements and cultural backgrounds. And our Junior MasterChef program will encourage hands-on food preparation experiences that will promote a healthy relationship with food and a basic understanding of nutrition.

Our Outdoor Spaces

Our two separate playscapes will be filled with spaces, structures and foliage that will surprise and delight, including bike tracks, sandpits, a splash pad and play forts. There will be no synthetic turf or boring play equipment here – it will be a lush, vibrant, exploratory paradise! Our Centre will feature a barnyard filled with animals for your little one to get to know, from ducks and chickens to guinea pigs and reptiles. There will also be a garden where children can plant and care for a range of veggies and herbs and learn about sustainability and where their food comes from.