Beenleigh Early Learning

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Beenleigh Early Learning is a family-owned and operated, full-service childcare centre in Beenleigh, catering for children from six weeks to six years of age. We can’t wait to meet you!

Helping Kids Discover Their "Wildhood"

Are you after childcare in Beenleigh but looking for a unique offering? At Beenleigh Early Learning, we embrace a philosophy that focuses on “real play” and allows children to be free to be themselves in environments that foster their confidence, creativity, resilience and natural curiosity.

We call this our “WOW” factor, which stands for the Wonders of Wildhood. We want children to run, play, laugh, skip, jump and get muddy – shoes will be optional at our early learning centre and getting dirty is compulsory! All children are capable of extraordinary things, and our educators will be passionate about managing a balance between care, education and play.

Our Amazing Facilities

It is vital to offer children all kinds of positive experiences and create super-fun environments that allow them to explore their world but also challenge their mindsets. Remember when you were young and spent your days playing in the sandpit, splashing about in your backyard pool and interacting with your favourite pet?

At Beenleigh Early Learning, these are activities that children will have the option to “go wild with” while in our care. Our Beenleigh kindergarten and daycare centre offers natural outdoor playscapes and inspiring indoor learning environments. We will help your little one thrive and prepare them not just for school but for their amazing life journey ahead.

Our Nurturing Educators

The team at Beenleigh Early Learning will be professionally trained and committed to helping every child in their care reach their full potential by understanding their unique needs, interests and personalities.

Our qualified and experienced staff will encourage play-based learning through the guiding principles of the Early Years Learning FrameworkBelonging, Being and Becoming. They will follow the certified National Quality Framework (NQF) for early childhood education, which will help your little one embrace a lifetime love of learning. And they will focus on relationships and open and honest communication with you and the wider community.